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A Project of Ian Burnette and Sam Breazeale
  • Hey guys!

    It’s summer again, and you know what that means: We have time, glorious time, to get back to work and bring Late Night Piranha back! Not only is LNP back, but it’s now the creative base for Rabid Snare Drum Productions, from which you can expect several, if not many, new releases this summer. Also, as you probably noticed, we have an all new theme to clean up the interface for readers and improve readability. That’s not to leave out that the electric yellow really puts the “night” in LNP! We should be back to podcasting soon. Meanwhile, browse around and keep checking for new posts in the coming days!


    Ian Burnette

    Co-Founder and Co-Editor

    Posted 3 years ago

  • Anonymous asked:

    Where are you guys based? I saw two people playing a ukulele and they gave me a poem and said they were thou. Are thou I just thou speaketh of..... Thou?

    Hey friend! Yes, we are the “thou” in question! Has thou listened to our podcast? Thank you very much for visiting this site, by the way! =) Look for us again sometime in the park! 


    Okay guys, this is an easy one. All you have to do is make a batch of Suicide Salsa, make a video of yourself eating some, upload it to YouTube and send us the link!

    Suicide Salsa Recipe:




    -Optional crumbled chips

    Remember, the winner will receive a Penguin Award, which is your key to getting into the Secret Piranha site, and your invitation to all Penguin Award parties.

    Posted 4 years ago

  • Cool ‘Coon Creative Composition Contest

    Today after a nice lunch at Chili’s, Ian and I walked to several stores to get supplies before stationing ourselves at Panera and creating this super awesome contest for you guys. The winner will receive a Chinese-style takeout box decorating by us with a personalized letter on the inside, as well as (of course) a Penguin Award, which means you get a famous Penguin Award Certificate with a) the code to the Secret Piranha website ( and b) an invite to our exclusive Penguin Award parties.

    Rules: You must submit one of the following types of writings. Two winners will be chosen.

    -Four haikus, each highlighting a different nationality’s signature food (ex. Mexican food, Italian food, Cajun food, Chinese food)

    -A dark freeverse poem about somebody you don’t particularly like

    -A screenplay to a movie scene involving two men and a woman in an Australian bar in 1955

    -A trainwreck story

    -A page of Piranha Prose (up for interpretation)

    Compositions are judged on creativity and originality.

    Send submissions to or on the “ask” tab of LNP (

    Posted 4 years ago

  • Anonymous asked:

    I saw your note on Facebook about the Penguin Award contest and I was wondering if ANYBODY can join?

    Yes, of course! The Penguin Award is for anybody =)

  • New Message

    New Message

  • Anonymous asked:

    Why are you guys so cool?

    Maybe it’s Maybelline! probably not though.


    Sam Breazeale

    Blogger and Co-Founder

  • Anonymous asked:

    Dear Sam,
    Will you marry me?
    Like a blind date.. But a blind wedding..
    Love. Me(:

    Of course I will, now Taylor and I won’t have to travel around the world to find me a lover! I’ve never participated in a blind wedding before, you can show me the ropes =)


    Sam Breazeale

    Blogger and Co-Founder

  • OMG HARRY POTTER!!!1!11ONE!!1!

    So, you guys may or may not be Harry Potter freaks like me, but when I saw the trailer for part one of the FINAL Harry Potter movie, I had to write about it. It is going to be truly epic.

    Like the second movie was good, but it was kind of just of an extension of the first one. And the third was okay but it was too complicated, even though they had to take a lot out. And the fourth was fine but there was this really stupid part where Harry grinned at the camera and said “I LOVE magic!” And the fifth one was kind of dragged on and on. BUT this one shall be different!

    I’m going to dress up and everything. I’m also going to sing wizard rock songs. And make new friends who are also dressed up. And probably drink butterbeer. Those are all the things you do at Harry Potter midnight release parties.


    Posted 4 years ago

  • Attention Readers!

    Late Night Piranha wants to know what you want to know. Send us a line with a suggestion for an article, podcast topic, or project you want us to write/talk about!

    Posted 4 years ago